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January 2015

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re supposed to make a change in the path you’re following?     Most of my new year’s resolutions usually fail within a few weeks so these days I’ve given up on formally setting any kind of substantial resolutions.  However, this year I’m pretty sure some higher power is trying to set me on a path!   I’ve never learned to knit.   A number of Staff members at the La Crosse County Library with locations in Bangor, Campbell, Holmen, Onalaska and West Salem are not only great readers and library service providers, but also knitters.  Not just little hobby knitters either!  Big time guild members who do amazing things with little balls of yarn!   As the cold weather sets in I’ve dug out my acrylic/synthetic store bought gloves and moved to the front of the closet my machine-made winter clothing while many of the rest of my Staff are staying warm decked out in high-quality handmade fashions!  

Last week I walked into Bangor and a shelf top display on knitting books caught my eye.  Hmmm… Susan Wilter’s “Knitting for Beginners” and are you kidding – “Gramma Nancy’s Animal Hats” by Nancy Nielsen!  My six year old would be beside herself if I was ever that talented!   But let’s be realistic – the one I picked up to check out was Carolyn Clewer’s  ” Kids Can Knit” , a much better place to start if I’m really going to figure this out.     Hours later I walked through our Onalaska location and past a shelving cart loaded with returns including Luise Roberts “First Knits”.  Why is all this catching my eye!


So next I arrive to my office in Holmen and conversation is about Arne and Carlos coming to the area for a book signing.  Well, for Librarians and bibliophiles, authors are like rock stars!  Who are you talking about?  Doesn’t matter – they wrote a book!  Well – here I come to find out, “author” for Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison is just secondary to an amazing clothing design company they established with designs based on traditional Scandinavian knitwear!  

What I would next learn is that any knitter worth their skew of yarn knows Arne and Carlos and they’re coming from Norway to teach a knitting a class and do a book signing in Winona this month.   Why didn't I take up knitting last year?  Now how am I supposed to get up to speed enough to attend a master's class and get my book signed by January 19th! 

OK – back to reality!  Maybe I should just continue to enjoy flipping through their latest book “Norwegian Knits with a Twist” and let the true knitters enjoy their visit to Yarnology in Winona on January 19th!    In the meantime, maybe I’ll just start with a nice mystery book based in the knitting world.    I’ll start with one of the titles from Maggie Sefton’s knitting mystery series.     I’ll get “Close Knit Killers” read first and continue flipping through these beginner books and see if I’m truly ready to unleash my own set of knitting needles!


If you too need to find more information about your own new year’s resolution or be inspired to find a resolution, be sure to make a stop to a La Crosse County Library location and investigate the endless directions you can take with new hobbies, lifestyles and entertainment.


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