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November 2015

Retirement planning is often daunting! When’s the right time? How much needs to be set aside? What will I do with my time? Since I’m still a few decades away from retirement, not because I’m all that young, just because I haven’t planned well, I couldn’t help but recently pick up off the shelf in Holmen Twila Slesnick’s “IRAs, 401(k)s & Other Retirement Plans: Strategies for Taking Your Money Out” published by Nolo. My only problem, first I better figure out how to put more money in those things to ever consider being able to take it out! Of course, one of the great things about the Dewey Decimal system in public libraries is that more items on the very same topic that has sparked your interest lay in wait on either side of the first book you found on the shelves! Plus, libraries like the La Crosse County Library with locations in Bangor, Campbell, Holmen, Onalaska and West Salem enable you to go beyond what’s on the shelf of the location you’re standing in and with a quick search of the catalog gives you access to much, much more!

Since there isn’t much money to get out yet, I figured I better back up and read through Wes Moss’ “You Can Retire Sooner Thank You Think: The 5 Money Secrets of the Happiest Retirees”. Wes shares that you start by determining what you want and need your retirement money for, figuring out how much you need to save, creating a plan to pay off your mortgage in as little as five years, developing an income stream from multiple sources and becoming a better investor. Probably all the things we already know, but he does go onto to share actually how to accomplish those.

Still, for someone like me who’s already got a late start, I was more drawn to Emily Guy Birken’s “The 5 Years Before You Retire: Retirement Planning When You Need It Most”. There we go – a book for procrastinators like me! Oh – who am I kidding! I better be more realistic and stick with Chris Farrell’s “Unretirement: How Baby Boomers Are Changing The Way We Think About Work, Community and Good Life”. With people living longer and working later, Chris covers the early stages of this new thinking and some great practical advice for navigating all this change in how we think about traditional retirement.

Speaking of retirement. Our Onalaska location and loyal patrons are bracing for a very significant change with the retirement of Sally our Turtle! Sally has been with us for over 10 years now and is estimated to be about 25 years old. She has outgrown her current tank and our faithful, long-time volunteer Nancy who cares for her is retiring as well. Since Sally is not native to the area she will be following suit with many other traditional retirees and heading south to be rehabilitated. Be sure to stop by the Onalaska location before November 20th to wish her well! If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering your time weekly to care for another smaller, native turtle, please contact our Youth Services Staff at 781-9568 or via email at libraryyouthservices@lacrossecounty.org. In Sally’s honor, be sure to vote for our Flying Turtle Book Awards throughout November! Kids and Teen are invited this month to step into our voting booths and elect our next list of favorite books in La Crosse County!

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