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Fall 2014

Traditionally each year, I ask La Crosse County Library Staff at our locations in Bangor, Campbell, Holmen, Onalaska and West Salem to look back on the last year at the Library and nominate for the Library Board patrons, volunteers, educators, partners and organizations that have truly made an impact on our daily working lives in the County. Fortunately for me – they never let us down with amazing nominations for spectacular people.

Unfortunately last spring when we had planned to recognize these deserving recipients, the La Crosse County Library along with the rest of the Winding Rivers Regional WRLSWeb membership was transitioning through a major software migration to our new automation system so I let everyone down by not fitting in this favorite recognition event into our schedule before we moved into our busiest time of year with the summer reading programming.

Always on top of things, the La Crosse County Library Board did not want to skip a year of recognition though, so now that our 2014 Set Sail! Read! Summer Program is finished up and everyone is settling into their fall schedules, it was time to pull out those deserving nominees from 2013.

At the September 3rd County Library Board meeting in West Salem we hosted a special reception for our 2013 Award recipients and we were delighted to be able to honor them for making our work so enjoyable. The awards come with little fanfare but we do have the pleasure of asking each recipient to choose a book title, author or favorite subject area so we can add that item to our collection in their honor and who can beat being photographed with our famous mascot Library Dog!

I’ll begin with our tireless volunteers who take care of so much behind the scenes so we can keep things going on the front lines. From Campbell, Pat Post, Sharon Kelley and Family in Holmen, Kevin Smith in Onalaska and Elissa Cook from West Salem.

I don’t know that any other collaboration makes more sense than public libraries and schools, and without the support of our area schools much of our programming would be dismal. Jacquelyn Lyga, Bangor’s Elementary School Principal is a never ending advocate for libraries and literacy and we are honored to collaborate with her.

We are so fortunate to also be able to partner with a number of organizations each year and 2013 was no different. We honored the Bangor Garden Club for not only their spring donations of plants, flowers and shrubs, but also their donations to our Bangor Friends and to our print material collection.
Much of our programming would not be possible without the sponsorship of partner organizations and businesses and we are delighted to be able to work closely now with the La Crosse County Dairy Producers who provided financial support for a number of our youth programs in 2013.

Finally, but certainly by no means last, our Patron and Family of the Year recipients are always so much fun to honor. Most don’t even realize what an impact they make with each of their visits and although these are 2013 recognitions their use and support of our libraries began long before now and we know will continue into the future! We are delighted to recognize for 2013, Donna Rodenberg and her grandsons Dominic and Trent Keivel in Bangor; Cindy, Molly, Katy and Emma Wittenberg of Campbell; Lisa Filips and Family of Holmen; Sherri Roukis and Family in Onalaska; and Therese Pudenz of West Salem.

The honor is truly ours each year to be able to let just a few people know how much they mean to us and what we do and it won’t be long before our Staff are thinking about our 2014 recipients!

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La Crosse County Library Director
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