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Book Lists


Sing to the Stars Barrett, Mary Bridgit
Arnie and the New Kid Carlson, Nancy
The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer Carter, Jimmy
Seal Surfer Forman, Michael
Mandy Sue Day Karim, Roberta
Stand Straight, Ella Kate:  The True Story of a Real Giant Klise, Kate
My Travelin' Eye Kostecki-Shaw, Jenny Sue
Ian's Walk:  A Story About Autism Lears, Lorie
The Pirate of Kindergarten Lyon, George Ella
Moses Goes To A Concert Millman, Isaac
Moses Goes To School Millman, Isaac
Moses Sees a Play Millman, Issac
My Brother Charlie Peete, Holly
The Junkyard Wonders Polacco, Patricia
Recess Reese, Bob
Kami and the Yaks Stryer, Andrea S.
Babu's Song Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie
A Story About Courage Vercere, Joel
Views From Our Shoes Edited by Donald Meyer +362.1968 Vi
The Sibling Slam Book:  What It's Really Like to Have a Brother or Sister With Special Needs Edited by Donald Meyer TEEN 362.4 Si
A Picture Book of Helen Keller Adler, David +921 Keller
Investigating Diabetes:  Real Facts for Real Lives Ambrose, Marylou TEEN 616.462 Am
Knockin' on Wood:  Starring Peg Leg Bates Barasch, Lynn +792.78 Bates
Living With Down Syndrome Bryan, Jenny +616.85 Br
Seeing Things My Way Carter, Alden +362.4183 Ca
Django Christianson, Bonnie +921 Reinhardt
The Making of My Special Hand:  Madison's Story Heelan, Jamee R +617.5 He
Living With A Brother or Sister with Special Needs:  a Book for Sibs Meyer, Donald J +362.4 Me
How to Deal with Diabetes Robbins, Lynette +616.462 Ro
Extraordinary Friends Rogers, Fred +362.4 Ro
Some Kids are Blind Schaefer, Lola +362.4 Sc
Some Kids Use Wheelchairs Schaefer, Lola +362.43 Sc
Some Kids Wear Leg Braces Schaefer, Lola +362.42 Sc
Some Kids are Deaf Schaefer, Lola +362.43  Sc
Why Am I So Tired? Thomas, Pat +616.462 Th
Whittington Armstrong, Alan  
Anything But Typical Baskin, Nora R  
My Name is Brian Betancourt, Jeanne  
The London Eye Mystery Dowd, Siobhan  
Out of My Mind Draper, Sharon  
Joey Pigza books Gantos, Jack  
Bird Boy Hill, Elizabeth Starr  
The Last Best Days of Summer Hobbs, Valerie  
Earthquake Terror Kehret, Peg  
The View From Saturday Koningsburg, E.L.  
Ruby Lu, the Empress of Everything Look, Lenore  
Rules Lord, Cynthia  
Two-Minute Drill Lupica, Mike  
Crazy Man Porter, Pamela Paige  
Becoming Naomi Leon Ryan, Pam Munoz  
Harry Sue Stauffacher, Sue  
So B. It Weeks, Sarah  
Hank Zipzer Series Winkler, Henry  
The Dark days of Hamburger Halpin Berk, Josh  
Tangerine Bloor, Edward  
Al Capone Does My Shirts Choldenko, Gennifer  
Things Not Seen series Clements, Andrew  
Whale Talk Crutcher, Chris  
Livvie Owen Lived Here Dooley, Sarah  
Jerk, California Friesen Jonathan  
Tending to Grace Fusco, Kimberly N.  
The Orange Houses Griffin, Paul  
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Haddon, Mark  
Girl, Stolen Henry, April  
Stravaganza:  City of Secrets Hoffman, Mary  
Miss Spitfire Miller, Sarah E.  
Sorta Like a Rock Star Quick, Matthew  
The Lightning Thief Riordan, Rick  
Hurt Go Happy Rorby, Ginny  
Small Steps Sachar, Louis  
Marcelo in the Real World Stork, Francisco X.  
Reaching for Sun Zimmer, Tracie  

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