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Please see our FAQs page for information about getting a library card, checking out materials, paying fines, holiday closures, etc.


Population of La Crosse County - 114,638 - 2010 Census.. La Crosse County Web Site

51,320 City of La Crosse residents served by the La Crosse Public Library.
63,318 Out-County residents served by the five locations of the La Crosse County Library.

Each County library location is housed in a building provided, furnished and maintained by the municipality in which it is located. The County is responsible for the books and other media contained in each library, the processing of the materials and the personnel to provide the services.

The Administrative Center for the County Library is housed in the Holmen Public Library building. This facility provides office space and workspace for the Administrative Staff.  All new books and other media are received and processed in this location before they are sent out to the other locations ready for public use.

The John Bosshard Memorial Library in Bangor was built in 1991 to replace a smaller location in the Village Hall. The present building has 2400 square feet of space. Village of Bangor Web Site.

The F.J. Robers Library in the Town of Campbell was relocated to a newly renovated 2,940 square foot building on French Island in 2013. The expansion led to additional service hours and larger collection space. Town of Campbell Web Site.

The Holmen Public Library is the newest facility in the County system.  Dedicated in September 2017, the library has 18,000 square feet and replaces the previous smaller location located in a former grocery store downtown. Village of Holmen Web Site.

The Onalaska Public Library was constructed in 1989 and has 20,000 square feet.  In 2008 the City of Onalaska added approximately 8,000 square feet of media, meeting, and mechanical space to the building. City of Onalaska Web Site.

The Hazel Brown Leicht Memorial Library is located in the Village of West Salem. Dedicated in December 2000, and expanded in 2003, it has 9500 square feet of space. Village of West Salem Web Site.


The La Crosse County Library owns approximately 142,884 books distributed among the five locations. The five libraries subscribe to 379 periodicals including newspapers and magazines, the most popular of which are available at more than one location. For research purposes back issues of some titles are kept for a time. There are 10,498 audio materials which include books on CD or in digital format, music on CD, and children's CDs with accompanying books.  The collection also includes 14,583 DVDs. La Crosse County Library card holders can now access Hoopla for digital content and as a member of the Winding Rivers Library System, we also have access to 154,519 eBooks and 58,564 downloadable audio books through Overdrive.

2020 USE STATISTICS (Despite COVID-19 impacts we are grateful for your continued use!)
309,589 physical items were checked out

67,236 physical items were loaned to Libraries other than La Crosse County Library locations

95,754 physical items were borrowed from other libraries

78,110 downloads were made from Overdrive by La Crosse County users

6,455 Reference questions were successfully answered

8,424 log-ins were completed on our public internet computers

12,925 utilized wireless access

25,859 people of all ages attended or participated in 527 in person or virtual programs


A La Crosse County Library card allows a patron to borrow materials or use the Internet. For more information on obtaining a card, see How to apply for a La Crosse County Library Card. A card issued in any Winding Rivers Library will be honored in the La Crosse County Library System.

Just a few minutes of your time and a driver's license or other form of ID with your current address will allow us to add you to our registration database whether you are a new patron or visiting from another library. Patrons from neighboring states may apply for a card for a fee.

Each of the La Crosse County facilities has multiple computers available for use with Internet access and a variety of MS Office products available to patrons. You will need to have your library card with you to log on to the public computers. Wireless access is also available at all locations.

The La Crosse County Library had an operating budget of $2,138,796 in the year 2020 with the La Crosse County library levy at $2,066,467. The balance of operating income came from a combination of our used book sales, fees and fines paid by patrons; cross county reimbursement; and revenue from copies and printing.
  • $99,911 was spent on books, periodicals and newspapers.
  • $39,934 was spent on audio books, DVDs and music CDs.
  • $33,259 was spent on electronic downloadable materials.

Library Organization Chart

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